Training with Sandra

During my 20+ years experience in the communication field on several continents. . . I have found most people take it way to seriously, zapping the Joy out of it.  No matter what the topic, no matter what industry, no matter what business level the people . . .it’s been my experience that when we are having loads of fun

   –   comprehension is more profound
   –   participation is proactive
   –   topic becomes more relevant for you
   –   results are phenomenal
   –   retention is higher

Did you know: Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear pants!

Perception IS reality. . . there are so many perceptions all over the world.



Training Topics Include:*

  • VIP Leadership (Venture Inside Your Potential)
  • Generosity Based Negotiation/Sales
  • Self Empowerment – Clarity
  • Breaking the Code: Personality Secrets
  • Power Presentation Skills
  • The Magic & Appreciation of Change
  • Your Dream Life – Taking Action
  • Decision Making – On the Line
  • Self Confidence/Awareness
  • Brand Yourself Like a Rock Star
  • Your Vision… NOT everyone else’s!

*Note: too many topics to list them all, please contact me for custom programs. I’ve created many throughout the years for private clients. 

Reminder: Please also see the website for a flagship list of typical training modules, which I am certified to conduct.

It’s amazing and somehow scary how excellent you understand people and their motives within some seconds.
There are so many topics you presented in such an energetic way that even today when I close my eyes I can see you and hear your words.

Michaela Geppi

Vienna, Austria

My Guarantee: Whether it’s a 1 day, 2 day or 12 wk training – you’ll discover something new and valuable about yourself and you’ll have fun (therefore remember what you learned).


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