Dear Reader,

I am exhilarated we have found each other! Whether we’ve already had an adventure together or will be undergoing one in the future — the fabulous thing is . . . we’ve already caused each other to expand our experience. Fabulous.

You are the director of your movie and you’ve got the lead – so get clear on the storyline and
. . .  Take ACTION!

Clarity is Power . . . .

Power is not about having lots of knowledge, or information, or money, or experience or even confidence. These are not enough.  Clarity is the key.

Gaining CLARITY about

  • who you truly are
  • what you truly desire and
  • what makes you feel fantastic!

that’s authentic power.

Without being clear about what makes you happy, you could have all the information and money in the world and still be moving in the wrong direction in relation to your true bliss. Clarity is the first step.  After this, choices are easy and your perfect lifestyle sharpens into focus and into reality.

Wishing you lots of love, passion, fun, abundance, and shiny things,


* * *

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

“Imagine. . . who do you desire to be?” Sandra

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