What first comes to my mind is that you are a very special person and so are all your trainings, no matter what is the topic. Honestly, I never learned so much from one person. This includes also a lot of topics “besides” the business training content. Everybody can see you really live what you teach! No wonder our employees personally request you in Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Austria and the USA! You make it special!…The Sandra Touch. (And you know I have met a lot of trainers.)

Julia Klamm

Global HR Coordinator, Austria

Hi Sandra, Thanks sooo much for inspiring and motivating all of us! It was probably the best training I have been on during my 6 years in the company. As to success stories – where to begin! The tools that were given to us are powerful – although simple, it has enabled me to already see a change within my staff in only 1 week (mainly with a more structured approach follow-up on delegated tasks)! I Have also attached an example of how we have converted the tools into excel to use more effectively.

Finance Manager , A.P. Moeller Maersk Conakry, Guinea

I met Sandra through the Dale Carnegie Course in Vienna where she was my coach, guiding me through the intense 12 weeks of Self Discovery. Sandra as a coach, helped me to find my strengths, identify my unique selling points and how to build on them. Sandra as a friend, has inspired me, being a role model in constantly striving for excellence, finding new challenges, developing herself and I am especially impressed in her active role in the learning of others. The whole network of AIESEC in Austria was also really impressed with her contribution at one of our Europe Leadership Conferences. Sandra is not only your coach and friend, but also your partner in bringing you forward.

National Trainers Coordinator , AIESEC, Austria

Sandra, You gave me more self-confidence. Now I understand myself better and am more aware about what I can do and how I can perform better. You know why? I will tell you why… It´s because, the difference between a coach and You, Sandra, is: You, Sandra, were coaching me without giving me the feeling that I was coached. Many thanks, Looking forward to meeting you again very soon.

European Key Account Manager , Mayr-Melnhof Packaging, Vienna HQ

When we took over the Austrian Franchise, Sandra was of invaluable help in terms of consulting the future business partners. She helped us put together a business plan and gave us solid steps in finding more business partners. Through her personality and ability to connect with people and her training competency, she consistently gets the highest trainer scores in the country.

Robert Korp

Owner, Director of Training, Master Trainer at:, Dale Carnegie, Vienna Austria

One word that I always identify with Sandra is VISION. . . it was Sandra’s coaching skills that really brought me on track.

Margaret H., PR Officer, Embassy of South Africa , Embassy of South Africa

Of all the Dale Carnegie instructors I have seen over the years, I find you refreshing and enlightening because you never cease to bring new ideas to your instructional style.

Skip Reynolds

President & Owner at: , Dale Carnegie Training of San Antonio, TX

From Sandra Saenz I learned what it means to focus on the clients (participants) and their personal goals in the business training. For me, Sandra is one of the most important models regarding flexibility and interaction in delivering training services.

Working together with Sandra always – with absolutely no exception – inspires me and motivates me to give my best and find new ways of supporting the participants to improve their business performance. She inspires me when we plan a training together, when I experience her interacting with the participants and even when we give feedback to each other as trainers right after a training session.

I know Sandra as a well prepared and passionate trainer and coach who is always open (prepared) to leave her original concept and be flexible in favor and for the benefit of the clients success if needed.

Working with Sandra means joy to me – in all the different challenging situations of a business training.

Mag. Peter Rabenau

Business Trainer & Consultant, Dale Carnegie Austria

Sandra, It was a pleasure to meet and train with you in our San Antonio office earlier this month.  The information I gathered on delivering impactful presentations has already been very useful in my daily telephone activity.  I look forward to using all that I learned at several upcoming professional conferences.

Thank you for your time and dedication.  I shared my experiences with our National Sales Manager and encouraged others to ask their managers for an invitation to your next class.

Christopher T. Genovese

Executive Vice President

Sandra has the rare quality of having a high level of business credibility together with the creative flair to make her development sessions fun and engaging, creating an environment where people want to learn.

Her passion for releasing untapped potential pays dividends for her participants and her clients.

Amanda Duggan

Leadership Master Trainer & Director of Project Delivery, Dale Carnegie Leeds, United Kingdom

Hi Sandra Thanks for your email and it was great times spent with you. Personally I have been to a considerable amount of personal development courses but yours was so far the BEST.

Daniel H. Operations Manager, Maersk Shipping Dakar Senegal

Sandra can give direction, focus and expert advice. She can put you on a positive path to knowing and understanding your mission here! Sandra incorporates exercises and logical step by step solutions to help you define a goal. Yes, I lived here in Europe for 5 years before and several times during that period, I wish I had had someone like Sandra who can decipher the worries, struggles and overwhelming feelings “many challenges” throughout that time! Now, I do! I think it would be fabulous to let others in on her talent and profession! I am so happy to have found her services and look forward to recommending her to many!!! Her sessions make such and impact on your daily life and weekly activities. She gives positive and powerful suggestions and has helped me to sit back and take one day at a time!!!

Elizabeth H. USA Client

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