We are all walking talking phenomena, and usually capable of much more than we may realize. There is nobody else on this planet exactly like you! The key is to focus and enjoy that strength.

The highest altitude a bird can reach is 37,000 ft, which is higher than a commercial aircraft flying at the altitude of 35,000 ft!

How high are you flying?   Do you realize your wingspan? 

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Steps to Success

Your Path

Training Style

Coaching Techniques


Crystal clear communication with yourself is priority. Most people are not practicing this on a continuous basis. We are out of touch with ourselves, what makes us happy, and where we are going. The goal is to be in “proactive” mode verses “reactive”.

You know after we’ve just seen a wonderful performance and then we yell “Encore! Encore!” The person or the group then returns for one last song and usually performs either their favorite, their best, or just something they absolutely love to do for fun, for themselves. And we always LOVE it.

I say . . . START with your Encore! Stop performing for just everyone else.

We are each unique and one of a kind individuals. No one contributes to the world in exactly the same way. 

!! So discover
your awesome brand of being . . . and
allow the world to benefit from your unique self

Steps to Succeed

The concept of success is different for everyone. There are always 3 steps to achieve anything . . . from a specific objective to an ongoing awesome career, to a balanced lifestyle. I honor these in both my training and coaching life.

  1. Get clear on what you desire and require.
  2. Create a concrete plan.
  3. Take action.

Once we truly connect and get clear on #1, the juices start flowing, the heart and passion gets going and we are catapulted into our natural creative state. . . so the plan and action steps unfold easily with our energy of desire. Then we can’t wait to take action!

Finding Your Path

We’ve done so many workshops, and read so many books on finding “our path”.  It’s as if —

 we see a doorway that is labeled  “Entrance to Happiness & Success” and a second one that is labeled “Information on Happiness & Success” . . . most people go to the 2nd one! (just to be prepared right?). NO!!! We tend to make our lives more complicated than necessary.

Ready for this? (drum roll)

Your path is . . . Find your JOY, (your passion, your bliss) and live it in every aspect of your life, as much as possible!

That’s it.

Because we are so often disconnected from ourselves,  we forget what our personal definition of true joy is . . . we are not even asking ourselves. We really are “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” Your answer to your path to happiness is within yourself. Always.

Training Style

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” Plato

So if you think you’ll sit back and relax and take notes while I present power point slides . . . I’ve got bad news! I believe in a very interactive and dynamic atmosphere.

Coaching Technique

Some phenomena. . .

The footprints by the astronauts and the marks by the Apollo spacecraft will be left on the surface of the moon as long as 1,000 million years!

What kind of footprints are you creating right now?

A spiders web is more firm than a material used to make a bullet proof vest called B-fiber silk. A pencil which is coiled with a bundle of spider web with a thickness similar to a rough rope is said to have strength to pull a Boeing 747 aircraft!

Let’s unleash your USP’s. In advertising USP = Unique Selling Point . . . in our partnership it is:

USP = Unique Strengths and Potentials!  And trust me, we all have them.

We will focus on YOU. We keep it somewhat flexible, since most people in the process have realizations about themselves and their core goals may change.

I am very committed to my work and clients . . . and only have clients who are like minded.

As mentioned in the Coaching Section of this website. I believe in Action!

       Intention is a great word . . . but  it’s not enough.

“Hello officer, I intended to stop at the red light.” doesn’t work.

Results happen at the level of action. 

I agree with Harvey Mackay’s marketing book How to Swim with the Sharks

“A dream is a goal without a deadline.” – Harvey MacKay

We’ll discuss dreams . . and we take it to the next level . . .

We will absolutely have concrete goals with dates! (otherwise it just stays a dream)

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