Discover Keys to Bringing Your "A" Game!

  1. Be yourself, that’s the best you can ever be. (Be like someone else, you’ll always be 2nd)
  2. Go the extra mile: when you think you’ve done everything, do something more!
  3. Own your relationships: Take responsibility for what’s working and what’s not working. Remember, you’re half of the equation.

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Everyone has an “A” Game which is unique unto themselves. Your personal “A” Game can only be played and offered by you. No one else on the planet can contribute in the same way you can. The secret to success is discovering what your “A” Game looks and feels like. Discover in this book the golden nuggets from business experts to catapult your business.

It is a treat to watch Sandra in action – charming the participants. She casts a magic spell on them and they would follow her into pretty much anything!! She attracts clients and they keep coming back for more.

Thor Olafsson

Owner, Strategic Leadership, Germany

Sandra Saenz combines her strategic methods from her business experience while drawing on her creative fun side to take you to your next level. Her courses leave a lasting impact.

Dr. Martha Reed

Owner, Insights for Life

Sandra is not only a savvy business person, she is also a phenomenal, dedicated motivator with a true gift of helping you see the best in yourself. She makes you want to take action, showing you that you can accomplish anything!

Suzannah Nickell

Owner, Angel Presence Center

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