Personal Power Bundle – Audio Downloads

What Channel Are You On?

Part 1 of Series: “It Really IS all about YOU!”

  • Programming your success signals
  • Tips for getting yourself on the right channel & staying there
  • Business examples to raise your credibility
  • Affirmations to energize & materialize!

BONUS Section:

Procrastination – What’s holding you back?

  • Why we procrastinate?
  • The price you are paying
  • Procrastination Types
  • Secrets to Success

Take Back Your Power

Part 2 of Series: “It Really IS all about YOU!”

  • Learn ways you give away your power, and…
  • Learn 8 techniques to take it back
  • Maximize hidden language triggers
  • Plug into your powerhouse with a 3 step process

Exercise: Take your power temperature


  1. Power Tip for the start of a project
  2. Empowerment phrases to boost your communication

Stay You

Part 3 of Series: “It Really IS all about YOU!”

  • Discover the 5 Influence Factors
  • Identify Your Personal Sweet Spot!
  • Learn the ONE SECRET to BE in Alignment with the TRUE YOU!


  1. Personal Point of Power Exercise
  2. Alignment Affirmations – Honoring the TRUE YOU

I am not sure I can be brief when espousing all the benefits from your CDs alone. This isn’t blind praise. I realized the other day, I smile more than I did before your CD – and definitely more since working with YOU – than I have possibly in years. One of my closest friends commented lately how far I’ve come in emails we exchange. A business colleague has told me I seem more grounded – so others are noticing these shifts – not just me. My creativity is coming back in ways I never envisioned. I never though much about how things are marketed and now even marketing ideas are coming from nowhere!

Carrie Kelso

Project Coordinator, American Express, Arizona

Sandra is one of the most gifted, intuitive, powerful thought leaders that I’ve met in the last decade. If you are ready for a quantum learning experience in the areas of attracting more income, perfect relationships, and inner peace and tranquility, Sandra will take you there!!!!

Dr, Faith Kurz Shell, H.ND., Ph.D., MSN, BSN, C.CHt

CEO & Founder, Collaborative Power Now International™ & Global Higher Consciousness Movement™

Sandra is not only a savvy business person, she is also a phenomenal, dedicated motivator with a true gift of helping you see the best in yourself. She makes you want to take action, showing you that you can accomplish anything!

Suzannah Nickell, LMT, CHT, CPM, SCF

Owner, Angel Presence Healing Center, Arizona

Sandra is a world class trainer and speaker, with the ability to motivate and positively impact your entire team, from the top tier management to the company employee. She has the gift of tailoring her communication to grab everyone’s attention and to affect long lasting change in an organization. We hired Sandra to speak to a group of highly successful female advisers and everyone walked away with tangible action steps, inspired to take their practices to new heights.

Claudia Arnold-Sawaf

President and Founder, Sawaf Financial



Sandra Saenz

Published Author,
Global Trainer,
Provocational Coach

Some clients include: GM, BMW, Kraft Foods, Proctor & Gamble, American Express, Maersk Shipping & Oil

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