Coaching: The Art of Provoking

A supportive, motivational method to provoke us into into action, towards our maximum potential. During this one to one partnership process, we will explore your true values, priorities and devise a strategy to create the exact lifestyle and situation you desire.

Coaching is for you if . . .

You want to improve communication and relationships.

You want to get clear on exactly what you want.


You want to create your ideal life or career plan.

You wish to uncover and use your unique talents.

You want to feel completely satisfied in all areas of your life.

You want to unleash and utilize all your resources to achieve business success.

You want to connect with your personal requirements and desires for true joy.

You want an inspiring and supportive partner with a specific goal.

Coaching is not therapy, is not training and is not staying in the past.


My Coaching Style . . .

  1. Let’s get clear what you want.
  2. Form a concrete plan.
  3. Take ACTION.

Technique . . .

We deal with your current resources and aims to help you create your desired future.

With my marketing and strategic planning background, I utilize techniques from the business world to help you formulate your personalized strategy.

With personalized sessions, you are guided and empowered to create the exact life you want for yourself. Sessions include:

  • Uncovering your unique and natural talents.
  • Defining your ideal vision and lifestyle.
  • Establishing goals, timelines, phases.
  • Creating an overall strategy.
  • Learn techniques to change your behavioral patterns in order to achieve goals.
  • Ongoing coaching & monitoring of progress.

You can create whatever you want in your life. Just decide what you want and when you want it. Your destiny is in your domain. Take it.


What is Coaching?

 Coaching is…                                                        Coaching is not . . .

For people who want to develop, feel
fulfilled, and gain clarity
Not usually (or specifically) for
people who are ill. (vs. therapy)
Dealing with present goals and future
Mainly dealing with the past.
Partner to partner relationship Expert to patient relationship
Putting ideas into concrete action Just talking about theories, reasons
Led by the client’s expectations &
Led by the coach’s expectations &
Exploring to find your answers Giving the answers
Helps you discover your values &
Training with preconceived goals
An ongoing discovery process. A fixed format to get better.
A different process for everyone &
dependent on the client’s goals.
A substitute for professional therapy.
Many times encompassing various facets
of your life towards a goal. (ie. Career, communication, health and how they
are related)
Only career ideas to obtain a better
job. (This may be part of the coaching, but usually not all)*
Motivating, Inspiring Giving pre-formatted directions
Reactive and Flexible Prescribed instructions
Drawing out the solutions/data Putting in a recipe solution
For people who desire to achieve more,
or expand their life/career satisfaction.
For people who don’t want any change.
Exploring your maximum potential. For people not willing to take
responsibility for their lives
Taking control of your destiny. Blaming others or the situation.
Obtaining tools to be Self Empowered. Just getting advice and doing what the
coach says.
Transitional & growth oriented Therapy or a defined cure.

* Coaching deals with job issues, but true Personal Development Coaching will explore deeper lifestyle and value ladder issues with the client, verses simply reviewing job lists.

Provocational Coaching with Sandra Saenz

A supportive, motivational method to help a person discover and put into action their maximum potential. A one on one partner relationship to help a person explore their true values, realize their specific unique talents, which in parallel develops communication skills, confidence and overall life satisfaction. 

Selecting the Perfect Coach for You

  • You can identify with them. Feel 100% comfortable.
  • Education and training relevant to champion your desired areas of development.
  • Personal and professional experience to support your particular goal requirements.
  • Communication & empathy skills compatible with your style of interaction.
  • You trust and respect them as a person (not just as a professional).