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Are you at 100% of your potential?

Do you sometimes feel you want to accomplish so much, but don’t know where to start?

5 Steps to Immediate Results

Our minds are like those 27 gear bicycles. We have a wide variety of choices, but we typically just use 2 or 3 gears. We are creatures of habit. We stick to what we know, since we inherently equate this with security. Our true security is in being clear with ourselves where we stand at this moment. Get crystal clear where you are, and where you’re going… and then take action!


What if your “gold mine” long term security is lying dormant within you just waiting to be ignited? What if I told you…you’ve probably already seen glimpses of it? During the last 25 years and throughout the 32 countries I’ve delivered trainings – there is one magical tool which has consistently proven to drive results immediately: Provocative Questions.

So here’s a little taste of my system, called “The Art of Provoking”, to get you on your way to your gold mine potential.

When you ask yourself these questions, you’ll not only gain clarity, but you are honouring your core essential drive. You are saying to every cell in your body and mind the following: “Yes, I am listening, yes I acknowledge your wishes and needs AND I will do something about it.” With these questions, you are saying to yourself. “I value myself and I am taking charge.” Because, guess what? You’ve always been in charge. You just forget, and give that power away sometimes. So here we go, on your way to reclaim it.


1. What’s keeping you awake at night?

It’s important to be aware of what issues are top of mind that are causing you any current stress. Many times one area of worry may produce energy leaks in other areas of your life. For example, a client which was disturbed with an issue regarding a delayed promotion at work began having conflicts with his partner at home. Identify what situations are occupying your thoughts and resulting in stress. Deal with them as soon as possible. These are serious energy leaks, which could be using up some of your horse power in moving forward toward your gold mine potential.


2. What is holding you back from changing the situation?

You’ll have to be painfully honest with yourself to uncover the core of this answer. In my course of negotiation questioning levels, this is called the “pain level question”. We need to stir up the pain, in order to acknowledge it, see it, and then change it.

A perfect example was a person who responded to this question with “Well, I haven’t had the conversation with that employee because I’ve never done that before.” The follow up question was: “So, if you avoid taking action in situations which are first time experiences, what impact
will that have on your career?” She realized how counterproductive her reasoning was. There must be a first time in order to expand our experience and comfort zone. It was then logical and very easy for her to move through what was holding her back.


3. In what situations do you seem to have unlimited drive and energy?

There are certain activities and situations which come naturally to you. You get results easily with minimal effort. When you can identify these, you have tapped in to your natural tendencies, your default talents which are organically part of you. This is a very powerful

If you discover you’re someone who easily facilitates groups of people and teams, you can then incorporate this skill to actually boost your drive and productivity. We’ve been conditioned since grade school to focus on our gaps and we put significant effort into improving those weaknesses. How much more empowering it is to build on our strengths and magnify those into a variety of our activities instead. I love the concept of identifying and developing our strengths from Tom Rath’s book Strengths Finder. I highly recommend it. There’s an online self assessment version which is astonishingly accurate. A couple of my Fortune 500 companies use it with great results.


4. What is the 1 area that would cause the most impact to drive you toward your goal?

When we are in a mode of transition and are truly ready to make permanent changes, we need motivation along the way. One of the best ways to keep ourselves inspired is to ensure we have some “wins”. Success is an excellent motivator, since it immediately reminds you how powerful you are. It puts you into contact with your inner strength to make things happen, to actively create the direction of your life. (Which you’re actually doing all the time) But when you  ask yourself this question, you’re directing the action with much focused intention in one specific key area which will act as a catalyst to impact your success.

We are creatures of extreme. We either want to do it all at once, or we feel so overwhelmed, we don’t know where to begin… so we procrastinate. The moment you pinpoint one key area which will make the most significant immediate difference, the game plan becomes clear. You feel much more driven to take action. It’s like putting in the exact address in your GPS… once it’s entered, you can relax and you know where you’re going, so you get there faster. For me, one area was delegating to a website master the design and updates. Once that procedure was established, many other areas became much easier and my time was freed up to spendon other tasks which only I can do. This certainly made an immediate impact on my overall business goals. Figure out what is the one area which will give you quick relief, immediate impact.


5. What is your first step and when?

Life rewards action. So no matter how small your first action step is, just start! Stop analyzing it, stop second guessing, stop asking everybody else what their opinion is – and just get on with it. You’ll gain momentum and respect yourself for it. Remember a dream is a goal without a deadline. So set a specific date when you’ll take your first action step. Do whatever you need to do to hold yourself accountable. If you don’t start, you’ll never know if it was the right step or not. Erica Jong said it well, “The trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” I say start with intention, but action is what gets you results!

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