Does your network support the person you aspire to be?

Are you surrounded by people who bring out the best in you?

The people you choose to be in your experience have a huge impact on who you are and where you’re going. Think about it. When you’re excited with a new idea, do you have someone to share it with?

In his best selling marketing book, Harvey Mackay, tells us “How to Swim with the Sharks”. He used a clever and accurate analogy about dealing with competition.

I prefer to swim with the dolphins! Meet my new friend, Lewis, from Cancun. He’s a great kisser. (Although, I don’t usually kiss on the first date. Wink Wink)

 Dolphins are approachable, friendly and uplifting. They are very interesting creatures … both gentle and very powerful. Lewis was graceful, yet strong enough to easily lift you up out of the water. Do you have people in your life who lift you up?

Swimming with the dolphins was an incredible experience. I have personally lived in several countries, ridden camels in Egypt, and taken a midnight walk at the Kremlin. I honestly confess that interacting with the dolphins was a definite highlight! Playing with them was easy, smooth, and natural. I left with a feeling of connectedness. I was in a great mood the rest of the day. How many of your colleagues or clients fit that same profile?

It occurred to me how powerful it is when we connect with people who provide this same type of connection. Such a critical part of our success is the connections we make…the people we choose to spend our time with.

A business example:

If you’re an entrepreneur and most of your business friends are from the corporate world, it may be frustrating discussing issues such as expanding your client database, or establishing an invoicing system. As independent business owners, many times we find that 9 to 5’ers may not understand our crazy flexible schedules. After a super intense work period last winter, I mentioned that I was taking January “off” from all my work travel. I got a lot of confused and even annoyed looks. Remember; surround yourself with supporters, up lifters, people who can champion your decisions and lifestyle.

A lifestyle example:

It always amazes me when women in the single scene say they want to meet a financially successful, international man who likes European travel and speaks several languages, and then they hang out at the local beer & wing neighborhood bar. Ask yourself: who is your target group? (personal or business) and … Are you spending time, where they spend time? Are you participating in activities where they would be?

Key questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who do you have in your life/career that inspires you?
  2. On a scale from 1-10, how would you rank the percentage of positive up lifters in your world?
  3. What type of people do you need to know, in order to move towards your goals?
  4. What characteristics do you want to attract?
  5. Whose lifestyle do you admire? What type of people do they ‘swim’ with?
  6. What groups of people have expertise or knowledge which you desire?
  7. What industries can contribute to your goals?
  8. Who do you have the most fun with?
  9. Who do you feel most creative around?
  10. Who do you think of, when you want to celebrate your successes?

And just as important…

11. Which people in my life are no longer contributing to my highest good?

Action Step: (Remember… Life rewards action! Intention is powerful, but Action is absolutely necessary!)

1. What is your first step in order to surround yourself with people who will contribute to your success?

2. When are you willing to take that step? (Commit to an actual date!)

One of my goals for this year is to honor with awareness my spiritual intuition. In alignment with that goal, my personal breakthrough plan is to meet at least one person per month that can add to that specific plan. When we act with full awareness and swim with our friendly, up lifting dolphins … we witness magical events … plus… it’s much more FUN!

Who do you swim with?

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