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What first comes to my mind is that you are a very special person and so are all your trainings, no matter what is the topic. Honestly, I never learned so much from one person. This includes also a lot of topics “besides” the business training content. Everybody can see you really live what you teach! No wonder our employees personally request you in Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Austria and the USA! You make it special!…The Sandra Touch. (And you know I have met a lot of trainers.)

Julia Klamm

Global HR Coordinator, Austria

Sandra Saenz combines her strategic methods from her business experience while drawing on her creative fun side to take you to your next level. Her courses leave a lasting impact.

Dr. Martha Reed

Owner, Insights for Life

Sandra is not only a savvy business person, she is also a phenomenal, dedicated motivator with a true gift of helping you see the best in yourself. She makes you want to take action, showing you that you can accomplish anything!

Suzannah Nickell

Owner, Angel Presence Center

It’s amazing and somehow scary how excellent you understand people and their motives within some seconds.
There are so many topics you presented in such an energetic way that even today when I close my eyes I can see you and hear your words.

Michaela Geppi

Vienna, Austria

One word that I always identify with Sandra is VISION. . . it was Sandra’s coaching skills that really brought me on track.

Margaret H.

PR Officer, Embassy of South Africa

Sandra has the rare quality of having a high level of business credibility together with the creative flair to make her development sessions fun and engaging, creating an environment where people want to learn.

Her passion for releasing untapped potential pays dividends for her participants and her clients.

Amanda Duggan

Leadership Master Trainer & Director of Project Delivery, Dale Carnegie Leeds, United Kingdom

Hi Sandra Thanks for your email and it was great times spent with you. Personally I have been to a considerable amount of personal development courses but yours was so far the BEST.

Daniel H.

Operations Manager, Maersk Shipping Dakar Senegal

Sandra can give direction, focus and expert advice. She can put you on a positive path to knowing and understanding your mission here! Sandra incorporates exercises and logical step by step solutions to help you define a goal. Yes, I lived here in Europe for 5 years before and several times during that period, I wish I had had someone like Sandra who can decipher the worries, struggles and overwhelming feelings “many challenges” throughout that time! Now, I do! I think it would be fabulous to let others in on her talent and profession! I am so happy to have found her services and look forward to recommending her to many!!! Her sessions make such and impact on your daily life and weekly activities. She gives positive and powerful suggestions and has helped me to sit back and take one day at a time!!!

Elizabeth H.

USA Client

It is a treat to watch Sandra in action – charming the participants. She casts a magic spell on them and they would follow her into pretty much anything!! She attracts clients and they keep coming back for more.

Thor Olafsson

Owner, Strategic Leadership, Germany

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