Your Most Powerful Tool…

Do you ever wonder why the saying is “Fall IN Love”?

It’s not Push to HAVE love. It’s not Hurry up to OWN Love.

“IN” love….that’s interesting too. It’s not having love, it’s not owning love, and it’s not even just feeling love. It is being “in” love. That implies being right in the center of it. YOU are literally in the core of the vibration of love! It’s important to really feel you are literally “in” the essence of love. You are “in” it and you are “part” of it all at the same time… encompassed by it.

“Fall” implies a feeling of surrender and trust. When you fall you’re just letting go, going with the flow of gravity and having faith you’ll be o.k.
That’s how it is when we FALL in love. It’s a natural force. It’s an organic happening.

Fall in love with as many things, people, situations, experiences and even sensations as possible!

That’s the key to expanding our love experience …our love universe… our idea of love. Our definition and perception of love is directly connected to our appreciation and surrender to it. The more you trust and just “fall into” it, the more you’ll actually be “in love”. We can actually be “in love” all the time, if we are this consciously aware of love, and of all the people, situations, and experiences that we actually do love. It’s all around us, all the time.

Imagine diving in a crystal clear delicious swimming pool. You are in the pool, and you are also a part of it at the same time! The water expands and adjusts wonderfully, naturally as you enter it, as you relish the sensation and play around in it. That’ show the vibration of love is. You enter it, and become part of it, and play around in it. Just as the entire pool is affected by your presence, so is the entirety of consciousness affected by you being “in love” vibration. It really, physically, and energetically causes a ripple effect… instantaneously!

So be “in love”… and the universe will be “in love’ with you. Haven’t you noticed how fun it is  to be around people who are in love? They are so happy, and glowing. The world is their oyster! They see all the good and beauty in everything, every day. The same things occur in their lives, traffic, waiting lines, etc… But it doesn’t enter their pool of love! They are IN it, part of it and most importantly “creating” more of it, by enjoying it. So be “in love”, be “in joy” and you not only expand your fun factor…but you expand everybody else’s’ automatically. You can’t even help it. It is unavoidable. Awesome to be such a powerful creator isn’t it?

Use your “love pool” as often as you wish. Swim swim swim!

Here are some examples of a “love mindset” to get you started

  • I am in love with my car. I adore the way it feels, it’s so easy to drive, the radio system is awesome, the navigation system is my best friend and I use it every day. It’s gorgeous to look at. It’s the perfect size for me. It’s so comfortable, great visibility and fits me just right. It takes me to great adventures!
  • I am in love with my house, so gorgeous, peaceful, and I can rest and have fun – BOTH. I am creating and enjoying positive energy in my house all the time, just by loving it. I can entertain, or I can make it my solitude haven. It has everything I need. I feel so lucky. I am so grateful. I am truly blessed, guided and
  • I am in love with my AC, with my bed, with my bedroom… soooo comfortable. I love my swimming pool and backyard. I
    can do most of my best work there. I can even type outside and get a tan at same time. How lucky, I am!
  • I am in love with my computer. OH my goodness, it has helped me do work, audios, cd’s, presentations, poems. It’s my true partner, and light and I can take it with me everywhere!
  • I am in love with my phone. Oh my goodness, where do I begin. It keeps me connected to those I love, helps me feel their support and care. I get messages of love and appreciation, WOW! It helps me take photos and record moments of sheer
    joy! Helps me to keep connected to work and emails and clients. I am sooo in love!
  • I am in love with my body…so feminine, so healthy. I love my female curves, my wonderful soft sexy skin. My nails are lovely. My hands are beautiful and dainty. My hair is awesome and one of my favourite features. My clear eyes and features have really served me well in many countries. My vision allows me to see things clearly and to visualize the future as well as what’s right in front of me. I love my brain and my creativity. My intuition is my best friend and guide. My heart is my guide and my protector and total companion… always guiding my way. I am perfect exactly as I am right now. I support myself in all ways. I am in love with life and my circumstances and opportunities all the time.
  • I am in love with this experience. I am in love with my future adventures too!

Your mind and body will have an immediate physical reaction to this exercise.

The heart is the first thing to be formed when a fetus is taking shape.

The heart and love are the guiding factors and extremely powerful in your life. So use the power of love to change whatever you wish! It is, without a doubt, your most powerful tool.

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