Take Back Your Power!

Discover ways you have been giving away your power with my audio download.

Stay You

Discover the ONE SECRET to align with the TRUE YOU with my provocative audio download.

4 Steps to your Unique Selling Point

Get Clear, Get Focused, Get Energized

What Channel Are You On?

Discover how to program yourself for success with my IDEA PACKED audio download.

Bring Your "A" Game

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness this highly acclaimed book has to offer by…

Interactive Customized Training

Intention is not enough. Results happen at the level of Action!

Course Topics Include

✅Self Mastery for Women

✅VIP Leadership (Venture Inside Your Potential)

✅The Magic & Appreciation of Change

✅Breaking the Code: Personality Secrets

✅Self Empowerment:  Clarity

✅ The Architecture of Sales

Services: The Art of Provoking

During my 20+ years experience in the communication field on several continents, I have found most people take it way too seriously, zapping the Joy out of it. 

Dream Team Communications


Fall in Love with Everything!

Fall in Love with Everything!

Your Most Powerful Tool… Do you ever wonder why the saying is “Fall IN Love”? It’s not Push to HAVE love. It’s not Hurry up to OWN Love.“IN”...

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Provoke Yourself…

Provoke Yourself…

To YOUR Potential! Are you at 100% of your potential? Do you sometimes feel you want to accomplish so much, but don’t know where to start?5 Steps to...

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Who Do You Swim With?

Who Do You Swim With?

Does your network support the person you aspire to be? Are you surrounded by people who bring out the best in you?The people you choose to be in...

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Business Coaching

A supportive, motivational method to provoke us into into action, towards our maximum potential. During this one to one partnership process, we will explore your true values, priorities and devise a strategy to create the exact lifestyle and situation you desire.


I met Sandra through the Dale Carnegie Course in Vienna where she was my coach, guiding me through the intense 12 weeks of Self Discovery. Sandra as a coach, helped me to find my strengths, identify my unique selling points and how to build on …

National Trainers Coordinator, AIESEC Austria

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